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CAP Making Area Pilots Aware of "No-Fly Zone" During Democratic National Convention in Charlotte | Chicago Composite Squadron

CAP Making Area Pilots Aware of "No-Fly Zone" During Democratic National Convention in Charlotte

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NC Wing Cadets on Hand to Deliver FAA Poster to Gastonia Flight Instructor L-R: Cadets Alan Carter, Billy Mullis, (Jill Cagle), Miguel Pichardo, Stephen Moore, and Alyssa Stokes. Photo by Mr. Hector Pichardo

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CAP delivers FAA Poster

FAA Poster–TFR Alert

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  CAP Making Area Pilots Aware of “No-Fly Zone” During Democratic National Convention in Charlotte

Posted 8/28/2012   Updated 8/28/2012
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by Maj. Don Penven

8/28/2012 - Raleigh, NC – The North Carolina Wing is assisting the Continental U.S. North American Aerospace Defense Command Region in ensuring area pilots are aware a Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) is being established by the Federal Aviation Administration for the upcoming Democratic National Convention in Charlotte Sept. 3-6.

“This outreach is a great way to inform the General Aviation community about the FAA’s upcoming temporary flight restricted area in place for the Democratic National Convention,” said Maj. John May, NC Wing mission incident commander. “The Civil Air Patrol is able to greatly enhance the effectiveness of the outreach program at a relatively minimal cost. With a greater awareness of the TFR, we hope to see fewer TFR violations.”

Posters designed to alert pilots about the upcoming TFR are being delivered by CAP to all public airports within a 75-mile radius of Charlotte. “The posters are a reminder that a TFR is a ‘No-Fly Zone’ and when it goes into effect, there will be serious consequences for violators,” said May.

Approximately 55 North Carolina and South Carolina airports exist inside the 75-mile circle, and the North Carolina Wing is delivering the posters to each location as part of regularly scheduled training exercises.

“CAP adds tremendous credibility when we show up at an airport in a CAP uniform to deliver the posters and to explain TFR procedures to airport personnel and pilots,” May said.

The deliveries began Aug 3. Among the first airports visited was Gastonia Municipal Airport near the South Carolina border, where May was greeted by a contingent of CAP cadets on hand for orientation flights in a CAP airplane. The cadets presented the posters to airport flight instructor Jill Cagle.

“This assignment is a departure from our usual Air Force missions of searching for missing aircraft or people and our emergency response activities during natural disasters,” North Carolina Wing Commander Col. David Crawford said, adding, “the North Carolina Wing is glad to assist with this very important mission. We want to ensure all pilots in the area are aware the TFR is being established.”

CAP has performed this mission with great success in the past and that is why the Air Force has requested CAP’s support to get the word out about TFRs for both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions again this year.

Article source: http://www.1af.acc.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123315750

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