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Emergency Services | Chicago Composite Squadron

Emergency Services

Civil Air Patrol Emergency Services are divided into several different operational capabilities.  Chicago Composite Squadron actively participates in all of them.  The two primary focuses of the unit are Air Operations and Ground Operations.

Air Operations
Chicago Composite Squadron has access to several aircraft positioned in close proximity to the city.  There are frequent opportunities to to fly as a member of Civil Air Patrol including things like missions and cadet orientation flights.  As a member of a Mission Aircrew you may be called upon to perform many tasks including searching for downed aircraft, route surveys, searching for missing persons and many others.

Ground Operations

Civil Air Patrol performs more than 90% of all inland Search and Rescue as tasked by the United States Air Force.  Taskings frequently come from the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center and most often are Emergency Locator Transponder (ELT) searches.  The majority of these searches are false alarms, but we treat each mission as if lives are at stake.  We are also capable of supporting other types of Search and Rescue and Disaster Relief operations.

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